i.materialise launches Sketch to 3D, A 3D modeling service for 3D printing

Today we are launching Sketch to 3D. Sketch to 3D is a 3D modeling service that can turn your drawings into 3D models. Now you can draw anything you want and get it 3D printed. 3D printing is an amazing technology that potentially can let you make whatever you want. But because few can 3D model it has been impossible for most people to make exactly what they want to make, until now. The democratization of manufacuring has now reached you. Now you have no excuse, you can now 3D print whatever you want to.

We’ve partnered with GrabCAD and together we can turn your thoughts, ideas and drawings into 3D prints. Now you can improve the world around you by making things exactly as you think they should be. Want a better lamp? Make your own using 3D printing. Want a one of a kind gift, sketch it and we’ll make it for you. Need something that doesn’t exist, make it.

The sketch service costs 57 Euro (around $80), the costs of the 3D print will depend on the material you chose and the size of the print. We won’t be able to make everything but we’ll let you know quickly if either the 3D print or the 3D model will not be possible.

How it works.

  1. Submit at least one detailed sketch and a description of your idea.
  2. A 3D modeler picks up your design brief and sketch and starts to work.
  3. If anything is unclear you will receive questions via email.
  4. You receive your 3D file and a link to order the 3D print.
  5. Pay 57 Euro ($80) for the design and pay separately for the 3D print.
  6. If you decide to order your 3D print, then about ten days later you get the 3D print of your idea at home.

Please try to be as clear as possible in your drawings. You can use Abobe Illustrator, Gimp, Paint an iPad sketching tool or just a plain old pencil for your sketches. As long as you can upload at least one image of your design, its all good. Please specify the dimensions of every part of your object also. Before you”re done, look at your design and description and ask yourself, “is this what I want?” and “will someone else be able to understand what it is that I want?”

So what could you make? You could make a 3D printed titanium ring for yourself or a loved one. Something such as this would cost around 150 Euro ($240) including shipping, the 3D modeling and the titanium 3D print. Or you could draw your very own lamp. This would cost around 256 Euro ($365) including shipping, the 3D print, the complete lamp and the 3D modeling service. You could make your own custom cell phone holder or perhaps an iPhone case? A 3D printed guard rail is also an option. Or a TomTom GPS holder for your bike. Lots of things can be made and because they’re all made just for you, you can make them exactly as you see fit. So get thinking and sketching.

Get started by heading over to Sketch to 3D here.

Maybe you want a fruit bowl?

Or maybe a model of a telescopic camera crane?

Or maybe a 3D printed Bass Clarinet reed box?

Go nuts, the world is your oyster and we are your oyster bar.