Featured Friday: Showing your 3D printed designs

Happy Friday everyone! It’s time again to feature some of our latest designs.

First off, is a design by student Industrial Design Sten Verhaegen: the GoPro stick (printed in polyamide). Looks great for music festivals when you’re stuck in the crowd and want to see some action on stage.

Camsports mount for ski goggles by Monique de Wilt

After the great ‘Kitty Slow Food‘ design, Dutch designer Monique de Wilt came up with this handy Camsports mount for ski goggles (printed in polyamide).

Monique de Wilt: «You would like to record your skitour, snowboardstunts or dirtbiketrip but you don´t want to have a giant camera on your head? Here is the solution. With this holder you can mount the tiny camsports evo camera very unobtrusive on the elastic band of your ski goggles. You can easily and securely attach your camera. So easy that you can even put your camera in the holder without taking your helmet or gloves off. You push the camera in the holder, twist it untill you can push it all the way back and wist it untill the knob points up. Voila, it is secured, it cannot move back or forth. The holder fits on elastic bands with a width of 4cm.»

EXTRAVAGANZA neck piece – concept

EXTRAVAGANZA arm piece – concept by Dario Scapitta

Finally, Dario Scapitta takes our rubber-like material to the next level with these wonderful EXTRAVAGANZA fashion pieces. I’ll let him do the talking now.

Dario Scapitta: «The Extravaganza concept collection is a modern interpretation of the ancient ruffs used primarily in the XVI and XVII centuries. I thought to transform those decorations for clothes in a piece of jewellery. I was especially inspired by the old portrait paintings where you can see different kind of this ruffs made with a lot of precious details. My intention was to simplify those ruffs to create an elegant high fashion jewel using a completely new and contemporary material and production method.»

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