Featured Friday: showing your 3D printed designs

Keep calm and smile, it’s Friday! Our favorite day of the week because we get to show off your nice designs.

The Treaded Ring. Based on the tread of an on-road bicycle tire , with resemblance of a spine in a Gigeresque way, this ring was designed for the male hand. Whether worn casually or for that special occasion it will always look formidable. Made by Leo Rolph and printed in silver.

Marc van Megen made the 365 Hearts – Cross, a  unique silver pendant symbolizing Luck, Faith, Love and Hope with the Four-leaf clover arrangement of the hearts.

Industrial Designer, Elise Luttik from Amsterdam made a trendy design to store your headphones. Headphones Gadget, 3D printed in natural white polyamide. Nicely polished for a smooth surface.

Don’t forget to put your own designs in the gallery to show your work to the world.