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Materials » Silver

The material is a solid Sterling silver, made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of another metal, usually copper. Sterling silver is a standard alloy for jewelry purposes and is safe to wear on your skin. Silver is a metal with very high electrical and thermal conductivity. It shines bright when polished and is very malleable. The quality of a silver model is comparable to regular jewelry pieces you can find at jewelry stores.

Material samples

Typical use

Silver is used for jewelry and ornamental items. You could also try make circuits and mirrors from it but we expect most will use this for jewels such as individualized rings, earrings and bracelets.


Wax 3D printing and lost wax casting are used to build your design when using this material. The wax printing process is a type of stereolithography that uses a wax-like resin. Support structures are printed along with the model to make sure your model doesn’t fall apart. These support structures are automatically generated and manually removed after the printing process. After support structures are removed and your model is cleaned, the model can be prepared for casting.

First, one or more wax sprues will be attached to your model. Next, it will be attached with the sprue to a wax ‘tree’, together with a bunch of other models. The tree is then placed in a flask and covered in a fine plaster. When the plaster solidifies, it forms the mold for casting the silver. The plaster mold is then put in an oven and heated for several hours to a point where the wax is completely burned out.

Then, the molten silver is poured in to fill the cavities left by the wax. Once the silver has cooled and solidified, the plaster mold is broken and the silver models are removed by hand. Finally, your model is filed and sanded to get rid of the sprues. It will be sanded, polished or sandblasted for the finish you desire.

Additional information

  • Structures such as a “ball within a ball” cannot be made with this process.
  • Links of chains for example can also not be made with this process.

Ships in 8-15 business days

Minimum wall thickness 0.6 mm

Minimum details 0.35 mm

Maximum size 88 x 63 x 125 mm