Evaluating our lasers and their cost slicing capabilties

Last month we introduced the temporary pricing formula for our laser sintered polyamide & alumide designs that would fit within a bounding box of 125cm3. The community’s response was quite positive and this was definitely reflected in our numbers. As promised, we said that this would be a temporary trial and that we would evaluate its results afterwards. The month of May is over and so that’s exactly what we’ve started doing now.

In the meantime we have decided to still offer this nice pricing formula for polyamide & alumide designs that fit within a bounding box of 50cm3. This offer will continue to exist during our evaluation period and might change as time goes by. So to quickly recap…

  • For any design that fits within a bounding box of 50cm3, you will always pay a standard price of 12 euros
  • If you decide to 3D print multiples of that same design, you simply add 4 euros per copy on top of the start-up price of 12 euros (this means that if you want your design 3D printed four times, you’ll pay the following: 12+4+4+4=24 euros for 4 copies)
  • This is valid during our evaluation period which means until further notice
  • All of the above does NOT include VAT

So the only difference with the previous offer is the size of the bounding box that it’s valid for. We’ll make sure to keep you updated if any further changes occur to this formula.