Business cards 2.0: Watch out for the 3D printed super heroes!

How many of your received business cards did you lose in your life? Too many probably. Creative agency ‘resoluut‘ came up with a solution: they replaced their 2D cards by 3D printed avatar statues:  Super heroes to the rescue!

Micha Commeren: “We started creating business cards with superheroes, but we absolutely wanted to test 3D printing to stay up to date with this revolutionary technolgy. Each team member has its own personal superheroe, like the incredibles. Mine for example, is an action figure with two babies, because I’m a proud parent of two. But you can also see a space helmet; I keep the overview in the office (= earth). ”

3Dwergen, a company specialized in 3D printed gifts, printed all the figures in multicolor. Now people are sending us pictures of the statues on the weirdest places: Mission accomplished!

Superheroes in 2D...they deserve better!

Super heroes in 3D! That's what we're talking about!

Personalized 3D prints: it's all about customization these days.

All the attention goes to these little super heroes!

"Yep, that's me."

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