9 to 5 Warriors: When You Punch Out, They Come Punching In

Back in the days, we were all crazy about cartoons and waiting eagerly for the next episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Masters of the Universe. Many of us are still fond of them today, as they can easily take us back to our childhood. But why stick to classic heroes, if you can create several of your own?

That’s what Brandon Braswell thought and decided to create not only several characters but a whole story in an imaginary world, and that’s how 9 to 5 Warriors came to life.

The story of 9 to 5 Warriors starts in McMillians Plastic Co office, when a can of Jinsei, a potent foreign energy drink, is accidentally spilled onto a surge protector that sparks life into a trash can full of discarded supplies and food. Soon after coming into existence, the group of 10 split into 2 factions of 5 – Water Cooler Commandos(W.C.C.) and the Break Room Bandits, who are now leading a full scale war underneath office desks.

“I was inspired not only by the cartoons I grew up with but by activities I would do as a child, I would create monsters/creatures from school supplies like erasers and pencils. I also am a huge fan of a small 80s toy line called “food fighters” where characters were based off of random food products. It wasn’t till last year I figured blending the two together.”  – Brandon Braswell

Each of ten characters has its own name, strengths and weaknesses and even some kind of biography, so it goes without saying that they were going to come to reality one day, and that’s where 3D printing came in.

Water Cooler Commandos

Break Room Bandits


“It’s an awesome time we’re living in where I can come up with ideas, and instantly tackle all aspects of its creation from text to sketches to full on animation to actual toys in only a few months. I hired some talented sculptors to help bring the 2D sketches to 3D and with affordable prices online i.materialise brought those to reality. “ – Brandon Braswell

Right now Brandon is thinking of getting the models casted and duplicated, so fans could paint them and create their own designs as well. Looking at the future, he hopes to continue coming out with fun nostalgia items and toys along with animated shorts.

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