8 Things to See and Do at the October 2014 3D Printshow in Paris

Located in none other than the international capital of romance and adventure, the 2014 3D Printshow is making its annual debut in Paris from October 17th to October 18th! Located in the Carrousel Du Louvre, one of Paris’ most iconic landmarks, this dynamic 3D printing industry event features some of the brightest names in the industry, including designers like Michaella Janse Van Vuuren, Joshua Harker, Julian Hakes, and Michael Winstone. 3D Printshow has also recently expanded, and now features shows in London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Dubai, Madrid, Mexico, Milan, and a city in California!

The i.materialise outreach team will join a top-ranked list of exhibitors in Paris that include Stratasys, Autodesk, MSC Scanning, and many more. We’ll bring along our Touchable 3D Printed Art Gallery, and welcome all attendees to take #Makerselfies touching real 3D printed artwork!

Read on for eight can’t-miss speakers and exhibits to check out in this one-of-a-kind industry event!

2014 Paris 3D Printshow: 3D print design by LINLIN & PIERRE-YVES JACQUES

Bird Time by Bird Travel by Parisian designers Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques. The dynamic duo are holding an exhibit at the 2014 3D Printshow in Paris! 3D printing holes and engraved details into a design not only saves money, but creates unrivaled depth and dimension. It allows you to look inside a print, and for it to change with the light.

Facts: Where and What is 3D Printshow?

What: 2014 3D Printshow Paris

When: October 17th 2014 to October 18th 2014


Carrousel Du Louvre


75001 PARIS

Google Map Directions Are Here. 

Photo of Carrousel Du Louvre, nestled between the Louvre and the Place Du Carrousel

Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris, France— headquarters of the 2014 Paris 3D Printshow

This year’s 3D Printshow in Parisis set to draw hundreds of companies, designers, and upstarts to the historic halls of Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris, France. Nestled inbetween the Louvre and Place Du Carrousel, this 7,100 M² location features four exquisitely decorated rooms that have hosted a number of Paris’ most stylish events, including ThermaliesMarriage at the CarrouselThe Grand TastingArt ShoppingThe Carrousel of Crafts and Design, and Belles Montres. Film buffs will be quick to note that the location’s skylight, La Pyramide Inversée (the inverted pyramid), which has was prominently featured in Hollywood blockbuster The DaVinci Code (see the scene here.) This is an excellent place for group snapshots!

There is a secret in each of Winstone's trees: each tree represents a family, and families include same-sex couples.

Smaller versions of Michael Winstone’s 3D tree scans and prints will be on display! There is a secret in each of Winstone’s trees: each tree represents a family, and families include same-sex couples.

Must-see Events

Art Gallery

Stroll through a gallery of award-winning 3D printed art by some of the most acclaimed names in the 3D printing and design fields. At every 3D Printshow we’ve attended, the art gallery provided a central meeting area for all attendees. Almost every person in the building visits the art gallery at least once, and it isn’t uncommon to see famous designers or industry moguls in-person. Upstart designers: this is the place to meet mentors and ask burning questions!

Photo of Anatomica de Revolutis by Josua Harker, an engraved skull with wings made of nested or interlocked parts. The material appears to be white polyamide.

Photo of Anatomica de Revolutis by Joshua Harker, an engraved skull with wings made of nested or interlocked parts. The material appears to be white polyamide.

Also be sure to check out the prototypes of Michael Winstone’s 3D Printed tree statues, and Dorry Hsu’s pain-stakingly intricate fashion pieces, Mojito shoes by London’s very own Julian Hakes, and ornate engraving-based 3D designs by the legendary Joshua Harker (recently in the press for his design collaboration for UFORMIT)! Remember to ask the artist before touching any art: some pieces are fragile. If you prefer to touch 3D prints without asking, the i.materialise booth features its very own “Touchable 3D Printed Art Gallery!”

A photo of a pink and black 3D printed, form-fitting bodice deisgned by MICHAELLA JANSE VAN VUUREN. The model is wearing a long open veil over her head and shoulders, but not covering her face.

Michaella Janse Van Vuuren 3D prints chaimail and other intricate “nested” and interlocking parts. Her fashion line is a crowd-pleasing favorite!


No 3D Printshow is complete without a display of 3D printed fashion pieces. This season’s display features intricate 3D printed wearables by Michaella Janse Van Vuuren, a PH.D in electrical engineering renowned for creating complex 3D prints with numerous, tightly interlocking parts. This truly is a can’t-miss exhibit for those of you interested in interlocking designs and wearables.

Photo of a 3D printed face scan made of light brown 3D printed milk chocolate, created by Choc Edge

This is a 3D printed chocolate face scan from Choc Edge, which display an entirely 3D printed dish at their booth: 3D printed chocolate on i.materialise’s 3D printed food-safe ceramics! Swing by before chocolate samples run out!

3D Printed Food

Want to see a 100% 3D printed meal? Come by Choc-Edge’s booth to see their decadent Parisian-themed chocolate display atop i.materialise’s very own food-safe ceramics. Take a picture and get a taste! But come quickly— samples for their London display ran out in under three hours. 3D-licious!

Taking a selfie? Send it to us with to be included in our #Makerselfie gallery! Include a link to your site, and we'll try to include it into the gallery.

Send your selfie to community@i.materialise.com for a chance to be included in our upcoming #Makerselfie gallery!

Take a #Makerselfie

Send any selfies you take at the 3D Printshow in Paris to i.materialise for a chance to be included in our upcoming #Makerselfie gallery. We want to show the world the different faces of the Maker Movement— including yours!

Photo of young female model holding golden Uformia or Uformit 3D Printed Metal Joshua Harker Personalized 3D Scan Face Mask 3D Printed in metal by i.materialise

You can also use selfies as a base for 3D printed art. Joshua Harker is currently collaborating with Uformia / Uformit on artwork users can personalize with face scans and other data. The mask in this photo is made from 3D printed brass.

Must-See Speaker

Bert De Niel


“Au-delà des Plastiques” (Beyond Plastic: 3D Printing and Designing in Metal and Ceramics)

Date: October 17, 2014

Time: 17:45

Place: Specialist Stage

Summary: 3D printing isn’t just for plastics. This presentation covers how metals and ceramics are 3D printed, and the best design tips for these materials. Metals discussed include titanium, gold, bronze, silver, brass, and stainless steel. Ceramics discussed are glazed and food-safe. Our very own Bert will give the presentation in French!

Photo of 2014 Paris 3D Printshow Speaker

Turlif Vilbrandt


“Personalizing Design”

Date: October 18, 2014.

Time: 12:00

Place: Specialist Stage

Summary: This talk explore the possibilities and challenges of making design as personal as fingerpirnts or DNA. It introduces the Uformia/Uformit design tools (as seen in recent work from 3D print designer Joshua Harker), and demonstrates how 3D body and scan data can be used directly as an “input parameter.” This is a can’t-miss presentation for 3D scanning enthusiasts!

Photo of 2014 Paris 3D Printshow Speaker

Materialise’s Andrew Jones.

Andrew Jones


“Making Design a Reality”

Date: October 17, 2014.

Time: 17:00PM

Place: Specialist Stage

Summary: This session features case studies, a discussion about suitable technologies for different projects, and ways in which 3D printing can offer added value to a project. As a Creative Account Manager for Materialise (i.materialise’s parent company), Andrew has a variety of colorful stories and anecdotes to draw upon for this lively, inspirational presentation.

Photo of 2014 Paris 3D Printshow Speaker Jason Lopes of Legacy Effects, standing inside his animation studio.

Jason Lopes of Legacy Effects, a studio using 3D printing technology to create special effects for films that include: The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, Cowboys and Aliens, Hunger Games and Avatar. The Iron Man suit is a pretty regular sight at the 3D Printshow. Loki not included.

Jason Lopes

Legacy Effects

“3D Printing in Entertainment Master Class: A Hybrid Pipeline”

Date: October 17, 2014.

Time: 09:30-11:30

Place: Specialist Stage

Summary: Delving deeper into the processes behind the incredible products and effects created within the Movie, Music and Gaming industries, this 2 hour intensive session provides insight into the creation behind specialist projects. This exclusive presentation will live app demonstrations, and also integrates scanning design, modeling and mechanics into the workflow of 3D printing.

Photo of 2014 Paris 3D Printshow Speaker

Oliver Smith


“Challenges and Opportunities in 3D Printing Materials”

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Place: TBD

Summary: By pitting an engineer against an artist, this talk looks at some of the key 3D Printing materials available to designers, their applications and the important considerations to think about when selecting a material. Also be sure to check out Econolyst’s Sophie Jones.

Although this post focuses on English speakers, we feel compelled to include one French language talk by one of the most intriguing people in the 3D printing world today:

Photo of 2014 Paris 3D Printshow Speaker

Ludmila Striukova of University College London, expert on legal issues and outsourcing concerns related to 3D Printing.

Dr. Ludmila Striukova

University College London

Business Models, intégration, externalisation : Quel est l’impact de l’impression 3D?

Date: October 17, 2014.

Time: 13:30

Place: Specialist Stage

Summary: This talk examines the effect of 3D printing on traditional business models, specificially how this affects the issue of vertical integration (such as when a manufacturer owns its own supplier and/or distributor.) It also asks: Does 3D printing does causes a greater integration or greater outsourcing ? Under what circumstances is it better to integrate 3D printing process? Under what circumstances is it better to outsource? As Senior Lecturer at the Department of Management Science and Innovation at University College London, Dr Striukova’s current research is closely related to business and legal aspects of 3D printing. Her research work is frequently used and cited in EU and governmental reports.

What do you hope to see at the 3D Printshow?