5 Super Useful 3D-Printed Bicycle Accessories

Whether you’re a total gearhead or not, cycling is fun, environmentally friendly, and all-around awesome. And with 3D printing, these designers are making their rides even cooler! Pimp your own bicycle with their creative designs or get inspired to make your own custom bicycle gadgets.

Handlebar Pocket by Michael Müller

Handlebar Pocket by Michael Müller

1. Handlebar Pocket by Pookas

Designer Michael Müller says, “I really like the straight, clean style of fixie bikes. No unnecessary gimmicks… just the minimum. This spartan equipment does pose problems when you want to transport stuff on a bike. So I thought about using the volume inside the handlebars!”

Michael’s “Handlebar Pocket” allows the cyclist to stow small things such as medication, plasters, paper money, batteries, or even bicycle repair supplies. The handlebar pocket is 3D printed in Polyamide (SLS), making it durable and available in many colors.

MOA Leg Strap by Alen Zubic

MOA Leg Strap by Alen Zubic

2. MOA Cycle by MOA

Designer Alen Zubic says, “City commuters who use their bikes regularly will instantly notice unprecedented differences from what they’ve seen and used so far. The strap is made from beautiful leather combined with top quality elastic material and metal buckle. MOA is here to stay – it’s durable, fashionable and functional.”

The MOA leg strap protects the cyclist’s trousers from getting tangled in the bicycle chain (which often results in grease marks that are hard to clean, and even torn clothing). The design is durable, using 3D-printed Steel, and aesthetically appealing.

Reverb Blade in Polyamide (SLS) by Staf Wuyts

Reverb Blade in Polyamide (SLS) by Staf Wuyts

3. Enduro Bike Gadgets by Staf Wuyts

As you might expect, the i.materialise team is filled with 3D printing enthusiasts. Staf Wuyts, our CAD Manager for Stereolithography, is crazy about Enduro mountain bikes and has designed a series of 3D-printed accessories in Polyamide (SLS) which protect his bike from mud and stones.

Cycling Phone Holder by Jodok Weixler

Cycling Phone Holder by Jodok Weixler

4. Cycling Phone Holder by Jodok Weixler

Nothing is more frustrating than constantly having to stop and check your phone to see where you’re going. Designer Jodok Weixler decided to solve the problem by designing a lovely red phone holder in Polyamide (SLS), which clips onto the head tube of your bicycle!

Follow your progress on a map, check your stats — or even Facebook — without ever having to dismount your bike. Just don’t forget to look where you’re going!

3D printed Alulminum_bike_accessory

Cheetah Bike Stem by Nils Faber

5. Cheetah Bike Stem by Nils Faber

Cycling is hard work. Sometimes, you just need a little something to cool down, which was exactly what designer Nils Faber had in mind when he designed the Cheetah Bike Stem for himself. The jaws of this elegant Aluminum Cheetah bottle opener, which attaches to the bike stem, allows the cyclist to uncap their bottle on the go.


We hope these fantastic bicycle gadgets inspired you — and that they might make your life easier! Cycling isn’t the only hobby where 3D printing can make a difference.

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