3D Printing Gold: It’s Possible

It seems like only yesterday that we were the first 3D printing service in the world to launch 3D printing in titanium. But we wanted to remind you that we have another cool 3D printing material in our portfolio: gold. 3D printing gold is an exciting new opportunity for 3D designers and jewelry makers – scroll down to learn more about it!

A gold 3D printer? The technology behind it:

To create your 3D printed object in gold as cost-efficient as possible we use the lost wax method. Technically its also possible to print your item directly in gold – but this would lead to a more expensive result. With lost wax we 3D print your model as a wax object first, create a mold, burn out the wax and replace it by 14k or 18k gold. Traditional jewelry making meets 3D printing!

3D printed gold pendant by Francisco Galan Manzo

3D printed gold pendant by Francisco Galan Manzo

3D printed gold? The material:

Yes, your print will be a real gold object. We’re not taking about a coating here. You can even choose between 14k and 18k gold and between our three color options: yellow, red, and white gold. Take a look at the overview below to see how the different gold options look like.

3d printing gold

Our three gold color options: yellow gold, red gold, and white gold.

How can I 3D print gold?

It couldn’t be simpler. You only need to upload our 3D design to our website here and select the ‘gold’ material. After that you can select the color and karat option of your choice. If you don’t know how to create a 3D file yet, visit this page to get started.

What are alternatives to 3D printed gold?

If you search for a cheaper alternative or want to print a trial jewelry (prototype) you should choose our brass option. It’s also produced with a mix of lost wax casting and 3D printing and you could give it a gold coating to get a similar look than real gold items.

3d printed Red Gold Plated Brass

Arrow Heart Pendant by JWEEL 3D printed in red gold

Want to learn more about 3D printed gold?

To learn more visit our material page about gold here. Also take a look at our 3D printing material overview, including silver, brass, and bronze.

If you want to print your file, visit the main site of our online 3D printing service here.