3D Printing Ideas: 3 Unique 3D-Printed Gifts

Are you on the lookout for some unique 3D-printed gift ideas? Then, this is the right blog post for you. Whether you are just looking for some inspiration or want to try out some free and easy-to-use creation tools for creating a stunning 3D print, these 3D printing gift ideas will give you the creativity you’ve been looking for.

Idea #1: bring a game character to life

Everybody has their favorite game character but they’re always trapped behind the digital screen! Toyze brings them to life in a fun and easy way, thanks to the power of 3D printing. Personalize each character by choosing their pose, accessories, and size. This easy-to-use app will effortlessly guide you through the whole process and deliver the cute little monster to your doorstep! A simple yet cool and customized gift idea!

3d printing idea: Toyze app

3d printing ideas: Toyze app

Om Nom (Cut the Rope)

3d printed idea: Toyze app

Pou with friends

Idea #2: elegant jewelry

Christmas can be a great opportunity to show your love and commitment to that special someone. What better way to do that than through a one-of-a-kind ring or pendant designed by you? Jweel helps you design your own professional quality jewelry from the comfort of your own browser. You can start from scratch or build on existing designs. You can print the end product in Gold, Silver, Steel, or even Titanium.

3d printed ideas: jweel

Design a gift from the comfort of your own browser

3d printed gift: jweel

Jweel — Your personalized piece of jewelry

3d printed gifts: jweel

Idea #3: Celtic knots

Add tradition to your gift by 3D printing a personalized Celtic knot into a one-of-a-kind pendant. The unending style of the Celtic knot represents the belief in the interconnections of life and eternity. Gifts with these knots were given with wishes of longevity or luck with new endeavors. Choose from Brass or Silver with a variety of finishes. For inspiration or to buy a pendant, check out the Sertae page.

3d print ideas: celtic knot

A cool 3D printing idea: customize your own Celtic knot

3d print idea: celtic knot

Celtic Knot Pendant in Natural PU Coated Brass

Need more inspiration? Browse our 3D printing shop to see what others have created! Then, upload your design here and order it as a high-quality 3D print in more than 100 materials, finishes, and color options.