Objet, the Israeli 3D printer manufacturer announced a few months ago that it was coming out with a number of new materials. I was just tipped of this video where they show some of the applications of their new stronger ABS-like materials. In the video they show you how they”ve 3D printed scissors and a skateboard deck with Objet machines and materials. Objet”s polyjet process has traditionally had a high level of detail but the parts have not been strong and have had low heat resistance. These new materials are a great improvement and you can watch the video below. 

The video is 8 minutes long. You can skip directly to a nice transparent piece here, the skateboard deck here (they only talk about the deck, the rest seems not to be 3D printed), they also have a multimaterial piece that is printed in rubberlike and other material on the same printer, you can see a faucet or tap they made here and here you can see 3D printed scissors. The working coffee cup is here but it is finished and post processed.

Thanks Artur.