Meet Mark Bloomfield – A Man with a Winning Spirit

As promised yesterday, we present you with the winner of the Hats off to 3D Printing Design Challenge… Mr. Mark Bloomfield. Below you’ll find the interview we took with him after the 3D printed fashion show of the Materialise World Conference.

And for those of you that like pictures… here are some of Mark Bloomfield’s winning masterpiece: Daisy.

Mark Bloomfield's Daisy on a standard head model

A close-up of Mark's amazing work

Mark Bloomfield's Daisy on the Materialise Runway

A closer look at Mark's work of art

The Daisy worn by Belgian Fashion Model Angela Bitonti

The Daisy worn by Belgian Fashion Model Angela Bitonti



  • Dario Scapitta Design

    What I can say?… just one words: Chapeau!!! 😉

    Lovely hat, super done Mark!


  • Allison Foat, DIVA PR

    Congratulations Mark- what a stunning creation! I want one! :) xx

  • desktop repairs in bhandup

    I can only say Perfect art for perfect lady.. Superb creation Mark!

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