We’ve just released a new and improved version of our 3D print lab. Let’s take a look at some of the new things we introduced.

We haven’t changed the main idea of how the 3D print lab works. With no login required, you still upload a 3D file of your design for which you’ll see an instant price. Then you choose a material, a color/finish, rescale the model if necessary and order as many copies as you want. Knowing there is always room for improvement, we have gathered your feedback from the past months to make your overall ‘upload and order’ experience even better.

So what did we change to improve?

After successfully uploading your design, prices for all materials are calculated at once. In the old 3D print lab you’d only see a price for polyamide, the default material. Now, you’ll see different prices for different  materials.

A better distinction of color/finish options.


Displayed discounted prices. For some materials, quantity discounts apply. Now you can instantly see the money you’re saving.


Below the selected material, we have displayed the production time of that material. When selecting a material, a short description is displayed below.


When selecting a material, a short description is displayed below. 


In the 3D model workspace, the name of the uploaded file is displayed. A nice way to remember which model you’ve uploaded when playing around with several variations of your design.


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