Amsterdam is getting ready for the first 3D printing exposition ever. The initiative comes from a bunch of creative entrepreneurs with a passion for 3D printing.

Do you want to find out more about the mystic world of 3D printing? Then don’t miss this exposition in Amsterdam. From the 6th of April until the 2nd of June you can enjoy the exposition ‘XYZ Shaping Free Dimensions’ which will showcase designs from i.materialise community members Ilse Vermeulen and Eric van Straaten among others like 3D printing artist Nick Ervinck who 3D printed his collection at Materialise and  Joshua Harker, famous from his Kickstarter project. With this project Ground3D wants to introduce everyone in the 3D printing Maker movement.

Sneak peek of the exposition in Amsterdam.

Stop by and take a look at the work of Nick Ervinck and other great artists.

Discover this design, 3d printed by Nick Ervinck.

Our nice colleagues from .MGX added designs from the exclusive .MGX collection to show to the public, so get ready to discover high level 3D printed interior creations from top designers Xander Lust, Jiri Evenhuis, Janne Kyttanen, Bathsheba Grossman, Patrick Jouin, Peter Jansen, Luc Merx and award winning designer Arik Levy.

3D printed polyamide lamp by Luc Merx-Damned.MGX

Anyone who is in need for some more action will like the home 3D printers to see the 3D printing process live!


Where to go:
XYZ Shaping Free Dimensions
Prinsengracht 266


  • Wow the designs are simply mind blowing….I especially liked 3D printed polyamide lamp… 3D Printer service has brought a revolutionary change on the field of printing. Well I am very egger to attain the exposition organized in Amsterdam.

  • Tatiana

    Great! Hope you like it 🙂

  • I really enjoy the styles of these works. They remind me of veins. The lamp is just stunning as well. It amazes me always that artists are always finding new ways to express their art and how quickly some adapt or evolve so quickly to new art forms. One would think by now, art in all of it”s forms has been exhausted yet it won”t ever happen!

  • wow! its just awesome, really like it.