Another week had passed again and we’re happy to show you these new designs!

The first design we want to show you is a real masterpiece. The basic idea for the project of Serdal Bidav and Nilgün Kuscu was to create a floating concert hall for Istanbul. With this building the designer wants to reflect the diversity of the city by creating three different cityscapes.

Next design is a very cool Heavy Metal watch ‘Black Label Society’: the case, bezel and dial were 3D printed. The material used for the wristwatch is paintable resin which was covered with some metallic paint. It perfectly shows how you can use 3D printing in your everyday life.

Check out this train! This model is based on a version from 1924 made in prime gray by Guido Mandorf.

Last, but not least: a very nice looking sculpture for an art gallery. It’s the first sculpture ikatz made through 3D printing. It will be great to see it in full glory!



Looking forward to see more of your designs.

PS: don’t forget to post your project on our forum in unbox it. You can win two vouchers of 250 euro with our Facebook/Forum Design Challenge!

Enjoy your Weekend!