Win a Customised iPhone 6 Case: Send us Your Selfie!

The iPhone 6 just launched— and we want to 3D print you a custom iPhone 6 case!

And not just any case: a limited edition 3D printed polyamide case with your name on it, in a color of your choice. Your case will be created and 3D printed entirely by our design team, one of whom recently released this free iPhone 6 case template fileEven if you don’t have an iPhone, this prize makes a great great gift, giveaway, or charity auction donation— the name on the case does not have to be your own!

Enter to win by sending us your selfie! We’re using them for our upcoming gallery project, “Maker Selfies” (#makerselfie), which aims to highlight the diversity within the global Maker Community.

Read on for rules and details.

iphone6 Protective Shell Case free template .stl file 3D Printed Version three styles bicycle mount, blue armor, and sunny yellow armor

Example of iPhone 6 cases made by Dries, a member of our design team: bicycle mount version (black), Light Netted Armor version (yellow), or Dark Chainmail Armor (blue.)

Prize Details:

  • One winner will be selected at random.
  • Winner receives one limited edition 3D printed i.materialise iPhone 6 case with their name on it.
  • The case will be 3D printed in polyamide.
  • The colors the winner can choose from are:
3D printed polyamide: dyed and colored polyamide plastic as used in a phone case.

Our polyamide comes in these colors: colors are yellow, orange, red, green, blue, violet, and black!


  • Send your selfie to:
  • Your selfie must include a handwritten “Maker Selfie” sign with date to prove you’re real.
  • When you submit your selfie to i.materialise, you give us permission to use it on our blog or social media (we want to make a collage!)
  • Contest Expires on: November 19, 2014 [UPDATE: Congratulations to Mark for winning a custom iPhone6 case! Our gallery still accepts submissions. Stay tuned— we might have a few more prizes to give away.]
iPhone 6 Maker Selfie Campaign header image showing selfies at right and a hand holding our black polyamide bicycle cover at right

Send in a selfie with a handwritten #makerselfie hashtag, and you could win a free custom iPhone 6 case!

“But I don’t have an iPhone 6!”

Ideas for what you can do with the iPhone 6 case prize:

Come send us your selfies!

Special thanks to Powell BurnsTanycat 91, and the Netherlands’ very own Przykład for the Creative Commons photos used in our header image!