Wanted: your input for our gallery

At i.materialise we always strive to serve everyone in the best possible way. When we read the ‘open letter‘ we took the feedback and the comments at heart

Now we would really love some input of YOU on our gallery. We have been discussing the options with our team, but we’re really curious about your opinion. We want to offer you and everyone else this service, so here’s your chance to speak out about our shop.

We call the i.materialise shop the ‘gallery’, which can be misleading for some people. We would like to know if this word explains enough that you can also buy items in there or gives the impression to be. Would you like to see a price for each item, or would you like to have a mix of show and sell items.

Every design can be put in a category, we have basic categories in our gallery right now and we’re happy to expand these. So which category are you missing?

Anything else you would like to let us know about the Gallery?

We’re working on some other gallery updates as well, but that’s a surprise for you guys! Thanks in advance for all the feedback!