Taking place in Las Vegas from January 6th to 9th, this year marked the second edition of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 3D Printing Marketplace. Organized by the intrepid team at TCT Magazine + Personalize, it was i.materialise’s first time participating in the event. Just like the awe-inspiring hotels and casinos of its host city, it goes without saying that CES was an incredibly huge and impressive event with more than 150,000 visitors.

Materialise and i.Materialise CES 2015 exhibition booth

Materialise’s CES 2015 exhibition booth

CES offered i.materialise a fantastic opportunity to teach attendees about the incredible applications already being made possible for the private consumer market by 3D Printing. For example, visitors were captivated by the 3D Printed sunglass frames and accessories by BAWSOME and Hoet.

Bawsome Glasses


Cars from the Materialise 2014 Slot Car Championship

Cars from the Materialise 2014 Slot Car Championship

Also on display at our booth were the cars that took part in Materialise’s 2014 Slot Car Championship, customizable designs and figurines brought to life through Toyze and Twikit, and examples of the 3D designs that can be created using SketchUp.


Toyze products at the i.materialise booth

"Living Between Curves" designed by Oscar Rottink with SketchUp

“Living Between Curves” designed by Oscar Rottink with SketchUp

During the 3D Printing conference portion of the event, our very own CEO, Fried Vancraen took to the stage to talk about some of the “Killer Apps” of 3D Printing. Key leaders in 3D printing took to the stage throughout the one-day conference, but kicking off the afternoon session was Fried with the message that it is absolutely key that we use 3D printing to create good products that add value to people’s lives.

Fried Vancraen's presentation about “3D Printing's Current Killer Apps”

Fried Vancraen’s presentation about “3D Printing’s Current Killer Apps”

In another interview with TCT Magazine, Fried pointed out that the challenge is all about bringing the advantages of 3D Printing to consumers and giving end-users a thorough understanding of the capabilities and possibilities that 3D Printing can offer. Check out Fried’s full interview with TCT Magazine below to learn more about Materialise and i.materialise at CES 2015:

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