Twikit launches customizable Jewelry app

Belgian company Twikit launched their first customizable trophy app a few months ago, now they’re conquering the hearts of many girls and women with their new jewelry app.

Nothing is nicer than a personalized jewel, to wear or to give. Antwerp based jewelry designer Anne Zellien understands this all too well. In July she is launching a jewel in which you can place your story, saying or name in 3D.
On the webpage you can design a necklace yourself with the text and charms that you picked out like a heart, clover, bird or butterfly:

Just type in the words and add a charm if you want.

©Klaartje Lambrechts

©Klaartje Lambrechts

©Klaartje Lambrechts

Your design will appear in 3D on the screen. You can immediately tell what your unique model will look like. To make this possible Anne’s handwriting has been meticulously digitalized, in cooperation with the Antwerp startup Twikit.

©Martijn Joris

Currently the jewels are only available as a necklace. Each jewel is made of sterling silver. 10 days after creating and ordering the jewel on the website, it will be delivered to your home. Get started here to customize your necklace!