Transparent resin online pricing and new samplekits: Check it out!

We’ve got some great news for you! We’re happy to say to you our trial period for transparent resin is finally over!

So from now on we can serve you with exact online prices and details about the designs on our website . The maximum size we offer is 2100 x 700 x 800 mm. You can choose the basic finish for your design but we do offer a technical finish.

When you choose a technical finish for your transparent resin model, the support material (which is needed during the printing process) is first removed. Then your model is hardened under UV light and varnish is applied on all surfaces. This varnish is applied to your model to protect it from dust and discoloration. It makes a part transparent. Adding a small amount of paint to the varnish enables bit of color to be added to this transparency.

Besides, we can also paint your transparent model (bye bye transparency). There are 4 types of paint: dead matt, matt, satin, and high gloss. The difference lies in the gloss factor. In other words, how “shiny” your model looks when it’s painted. The higher the gloss factor, the more light will be reflected from the model. Take a look at these pictures to see what we mean.

Do you have more questions about your design, just send an e-mail to, we’ll be happy to help you. Hope to see your designs soon!

PS: Transparent resin and ceramic sample kits are now available!