TIME Magazine names Iris van Herpen’s 3D printed dress one of the 50 Best Inventions of the 2011

Escapism Dress by Iris van herpen ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London


92 CENTIMETERS | Combining design with technology, Dutch couturier Iris Van Herpen’s fantastical dresses are initially planned in Photoshop. She then works with an architect to develop a 3-D model, which is printed onto a polymer over the course of a week, resulting in a ready-to-wear dress that is an exact replica of the original sketched version. Van Herpen — who recently designed the dress Bjrk wears on the cover of her new album, Biophilia — presented her printed dresses during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week this January.

By TIME Magazine

2011 was a lovely year for 3D printing, especially when TIME Magazine decided to add Iris van Herpen‘s escapism dress to their list of 50 best inventions of the year. This lovely work of art was revealed during the haute couture week in Paris Spring Summer 2011 as part of her 3D printed Escapism couture collection. It rapidly inspired countless people around the world and became an exclusive piece at the Industrial Revolution 2.0 at the Vitoria & Albert Hall in London. Iris van Herpen, whose fans include celebrities like Bjork and Lady Gaga then returned to Paris for the 2012 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week with brilliant a brilliant new masterpiece.

With such lovely reception around the world, one can only dream of what 3D printing could bring us next… It seems that the next generation of 3D printing fashion designers are ready to claim their spot in history through events like “The hats off to 3D Printing Design Challenge” as the Top 20 will get to see their 3D printed works of art walk down a runway at the Materialise World Conference.

Want to make a name for yourself in the fashion industry? It seems that 3D printing could indeed become a big part of it as mentioned in this video by our Creative Director Joris de Bo.