Time Machines, Cupcake Cars and Robot Ponies: Some of the cool things we saw at Detroit Maker Faire 2014

Our first Detroit Maker Faire wrapped up on July 28th – we were so excited to be introduced to many new friends and unforgettable connections! With the estimated attendance close to 20,000 people, we felt right at home surrounded by talented makers, designers, artists and innovators.

The best part of our day was connecting and introducing so many of you to the wonderful possibilities of 3D printing. If you couldn’t make it to the Faire, we got you covered!

Here are some highlights from the Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford.

Maker Faire Detroit Go Karts

Back to the Future go-cart leading the way in a Power Race

The best way to describe Detroit Maker Faire is as a melting pot for many engineers, artists, crafters and inventors to showcase their work. There was a lot to look at from live music performances, to life size mousetraps, all kinds of races and many interesting lectures. The faire was like a buzzing, living organism living a life of its own. A giant motorized cupcake car would zoom past us on one side…

Maker Faire Detroit Cupcake Car

…quickly followed by a time machine powered by bubbles.

Maker Faire Detroit bubble-powered Steampunk time machine

The whole experience was a delight and we made a lot of new friends.

Maker Kids

Maker Faire Detroit Young Makers Playing With Toy Cars

If kids are our future, then the future looks bright!

We were happy to learn that free design tools like SketchUp and cost-effective 3D printing services are empowering kids to become entrepreneurs. Children are rapidly developing their own prototypes for class projects.

During the Faire, young makers proudly displayed projects ranging from robots to motorized bikes to remote controlled drones that could hover between stands.

We also caught a lecture titles “Create, Communicate & Commercialize: 3 Lessons 8th-Graders Can Teach You About Innovation” by John Washington, founder of The Innovation Garage.

Sharing 3D Printing Love with Our Customers!

Sharing 3D Printing Love with Our Customers!

We were happy to see so many of you show up at our booth and were glad to display our collection of metal jewelry pieces, which received a lot of attention. From people who never heard of 3D printing to seasoned CAD designers, we were happy to answer many of the questions and hope to have inspired those of you thinking of 3D printing to take the leap!

Maker Faire Detroit

If you visited our stand on Sunday we had our secret weapon and a future maker at the booth who proudly sported the nerd glasses! The secret weapon of i.materialise booth and future maker…


3D Printed Jewelry!

3D Printed Jewelry!

Highly detailed plastic prints.

Highly detailed prints.