The Week in 3D Printing – 21st Jan to 27th Jan

The fourth week of 2012 has been a week of interesting 3D printing news, but also a week with lots of interesting information from the Rapid Pro 3D printing expo where we exhibited. So without further ado, let’s have a look at that news…

Regarding the news at Rapid Pro:

At Rapid Pro we got to meet some of our community members and designers while also getting introduced to new creative minds that were hungry for some 3D printing. It was quite a busy event with a very interesting crowd and lots of 3D printing potential.

A shot of our booth at Rapid Pro-at-home

Opposite our stand we had our friends from Ultimaker who seemed to attract quite a crowd as well. They showcased their great desktop 3D printer that still has the fastest controlled horizontal acceleration in the market. It was simply a pleasure as usual to see the Ultimaker do its thing.

The Other exhibitors that were present were the wonderful FabLab guys from Zuid-Limburg that showcased their great services and the creative unit of 3D Systems called Freedom of Creation.

Rapid Pro-at-home did not bring world news items, but it definitely highlighted the fact that there is a rapid growing 3D printing community out there and it’s hungry for much, much more.

As for the 3D printing news around the world:

Lisa Harouni gave an interesting talk about 3D printing at TED
It lasted for about 15 minutes and highlighted the possibilities of this relatively new technology.

JF Brandon hopes to get USD$16,000 from crowd funding to create a large version of the Rygo
The objective is to 3D print the Rygo, a design created by Bathsheba Grossman that is also sold in our gallery. JF Brandon wants to 3D print it with a height of about 2 meters. That’s quite a bit bigger than the Rygo necklace that we print.

The Pirate Bay enters the world of 3D printing
It came a bit as a surprise to me that the file sharing website the Pirate Bay wanted to get their hands into sharing 3D print designs. They announced it on their blog and a couple of days later it got covered by the website FastCoDesign. Curious to see where this will be heading…

Iris van Herpen and Materialise return to Paris Fashion Week
Just like last year, Iris van Herpen got to return to the Paris Fashion Week with a new 3D printed dress by Materialise. The dress in question can be admired right here.

And that’s about it for this week. Make sure to come back next week to have a look at what the world of 3D printing has in store for you next.