The Launch of a 3D Printed Rocket

BOLDROCKET has an ambitious plan: to deliver aspiring business and technology solutions to the finance services industry that changes the traditional way that people think. Set out with a mission to foster a creative environment in the office, D+DS architecture designed the office and approached Materialise to print a 3.7-meter-long orange 3D Printed rocket for BOLDROCKET’s new office in London. The giant rocket sits suspended in the air alongside a wall patterned with plants that mimic the smoke bellowing out of a rocket at take-off.




It’s a boy’s dream to make a giant rocket, so when Dries Vandecruys found out he would work on this massive rocket, he happily accepted this challenge. But how did he manage to do this? After obtaining a design, he sliced the file in Magics into 15 pieces and then edited every single piece with 3-matic lightweight structures, to not only make it lightweight, but to also give it an interesting look. We printed the 15 pieces in a Mammoth Stereolithography machine: these machines are among the world largest 3D printers to print large parts of this size in one single piece. The rocket was completely transparent, and we finished it finally by painting it in the desired color of the customer, which in this case meant orange (a bold choice).

The result is amazing. Honestly, what better piece could serve as a source of inspiration symbolizing adventure to other worlds and created with an innovative technology?