The holiday idea

There is a little over a month left until the holiday season, and it is time to start thinking about holiday presents for your loved ones. But what could be a truly awesome holiday gift for someone who is important to you? Well, we came up with a few things that should help you out in making a proper gift. First of all, the gift should be personal, and hopefully something that the other person feels passionate about. Second, on most occasions it is great if you could get something unique, or possibly create something unique, something that can truly transcend your feelings and appreciation of that person you will give it to, whether it’s your boyfriend or your mother. Here at i.materialise we believe in personalization and putting your soul in what you do. A while ago we had a discussion on what would be the best present for someone you care about (yeah, we sometimes do get off topic during a meeting), and one person brought a custom made holiday card. At first, I was rather skeptical,after all it’s just a holiday card,you cannot listen to music with it or play it on your DVD player. But the next day the person brought the card to the office to prove me wrong, and once I took a look at it, I immediately wanted to get something like that from someone. No, it was not “just a card,” it was the Card. At first glance you could tell that the person who gave it to my co-worker really put their heart in that present. It was completely custom made – the background the message, the whole package was amazing. That day I was truly amazed. Later same day my co-worker noted “It’s a shame we did not have 3D printers back when I got this present.” Now our 3D technology is at your disposal and you can really make something custom with it. Well, there you go, your small holiday tips from i.materialise. Come up with something unique, something special, and it will be greatly appreciated years from now.