And the Winner is…

The Peeters & Pichal challenge has come to an end and together with the Radio 1 jury members we’ve come to our decision on a winner. As with all challenges, it’s never easy to choose the winning design, but as we all knew… there could only be one…

…and that winner is the Dutch designer Ricardo de Koning with his stylish Design for your Flowers.

The winning design by Ricardo de Koning

Our winner was in search of a nice vase that could match the modern interior of their house but ended up finding the same old traditional vase designs everywhere he went. Nothing really stood out and his search was getting him nowhere until he stumbled upon this challenge. It was the perfect opportunity to remind us of the power of 3D printing. So instead of buying a simplistic vase, Ricardo took it upon himself to participate in this challenge and design the perfect vase that would match the look of their home. He decided to dedicate the vase to his mother. For those who speak Dutch, you can listen to the interview between Belgian Radio 1 and our winner here.

This might not be the first vase that ever got 3D printed at i.materialise, but it’s definitely the next one in line. If designer vases are your cup of tea, why not have a look at some in our online gallery? You can click on the images below for further info on each item.

Hidden.MGX by Dan Yeffet

Fluid Vase by Fung Kwok Pan

Sintervase by i.materialise

ubu-fugu-roi.MGX by Hani Rashid

As for the other participants of this challenge, we would like to thank you for your entries and we’d definitely suggest that you keep on participating in our future challenges. You never know what great new opportunities await you in the future. Each and every one of you will get a voucher sent to your email addresses which you can use to have a discount on our gallery items.