Belgian Radio 1 show “Peeters & Pichal” organizes a new design challenge with i.materialise

You know that feeling in the mornings when you’re still in between worlds with a coffee in hand while getting ready to start your day? Computer is ready, radio is on, you sit down and once again you can’t find a single spot on your work invested desk for that coffee mug! Don’t you just wish that there was some way to extend your desk and create some extra space for that mug? Well if you live in Belgium and listen to the Peeters & Pichal show on Radio 1, keep on reading cuss here’s your opportunity to solve such a problem!

Many people often have great ideas to solve simple issues like the one above, but it doesn’t often happen that they can turn them into reality. This is where we come in and provide the listeners of the Peeters & Pichal show the opportunity of a lifetime.

An example for the challenge

The objective is simple… create an awesome 3D design that makes your life a bit easier, submit it between the 18th of October and the 1st of November and whoever brings in the best design, gets it 3D printed and delivered to their address.

Further details regarding the challenge can be found here. (in Dutch)