Open a Free i.materialise Shop and Get $10 Off

Did you just print something?

Want to sell it in your free i.materialise shop?

Then you can get a free $10 voucher!

Read on for how to get it.

Designs featured in our header are by (left to right): Nataliya YakimovaAlbert RingerSven Wiebus , MCODE by Maaike van der Horn,  DizingofEugene and EmrysVAIA GKERLIOTOU, and Manuel Breit. Not all items are currently sold.

Daniel Evans Adventure Time Guitar Pick

There are many items under $10 such as this multicolor guitar pick designed by Daniel Evans

1. Set up your shop.

First, Open an account.

Then go to your your Profile.

Click on “Shop Items”

On the “Shop Items” list, find the item you want to sell. Click “EDIT.”

In the “EDIT” screen, look on your right for the Appearance Section (right side of your screen.)

Finally, click “OFFER FOR SALE.”

How to Create an i.materialise Shop

To set up your shop:  Profile → Shop Items → EDIT the item you want. On the Appearance Section (right side of your screen) → click OFFER FOR SALE

2. Check Your E-mail

An e-mail will arrive containing your very own $10 voucher code.

Use the code on the checkout screen of your next order, and feel $10 richer!


Last but not least, here is the fine print:

  • The voucher is only valid on our 3d Print Lab
  • Limit of one voucher per designer
  • The voucher is only be obtained by users who upload finished products that are put up for sale
  • The voucher is valid for one month after receipt, and will be mailed out as soon as possible
  • Promotion ends September 10th, 2014


Got a shop? Put the link in the comment space!