MeshUp: Mashup for meshes

For those of you who ever wondered how to save the world from polygons, we may have found the answer at the recent 3D Printshow in London: MeshUp. Developed by a Norwegian company called Uformia, MeshUp wants to create the missing link between advanced 3D modeling features and easy modification by non-experienced 3D modelers.

“MeshUp is the first real volume modeler for meshes. We want to make life easier for 3D printing and for creators. At Uformia we envision a very different experience for users, where without effort, a creator can be sure that their models are always ready for 3D printing.”

At the 3D Printshow, Uformia offered free face scans. They could be used to effortlessly model and personalize a variety of template objects that are watertight and ready to print. For example, ‘Tor Kipper’, a coffee cup with real face scan data that we printed for Uformia in glossy white ceramics.

Tor Kupper, Coffee cup w/ Real Face Scan Data 2012 (Turlif Vilbrandt)

Tor Kupper, Coffee cup w/ Real Face Scan Data 2012 (Turlif Vilbrandt)


  • Mesh mixing: Create new objects by remixing any number of meshes and parts of meshes.
  • Shelling and Microstructure: Use microstructures to create lightweight yet structural objects for 3D printing.
  • STL and Mesh Repair: Repair holes and other defects prepare your model for 3D printing.
  • Direct Fabrication and 3D Printing: Output watertight STL files, or use vector or image slice data at the resolution of the 3D printer.


Launching this standalone software tool into the market and help realizing further software development, is not possible without the right funds. That’s why Uformia is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for MeshUp. Pledges go from $1 to $10,000, with rewards from mentioning your name as a supporter, up to a once in a lifetime trip to Svalbard, Norway. With 12 days to go and about $8,000 removed from the $25,000 pledge, they can still use your support.