Meet the designer: Dizingof

He is probably one the most well-known 3D designers in the 3D community and made Thingiverse his second home with more than 160 free 3D designs. Now it’s time to meet the man behind Dizingof: Asher Nahmias from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

When did you start being interested in design?
Asher Nahmias: «Basically I’m self-thought. I’ve started learning design around September 2009 when I run into a Dutch start up that offered a 3d printing service. It seemed very exciting to learn how to transform ideas and concepts into real objects. I published some of my concepts on my Youtube channel – back then they were mainly ‘cool’ accessories for iDevices.»

«I then moved to learning every piece of 3d tool/software that I could find and practically did R&D into anything 3D.. surfaces, meshes construction and augmentation etc..
I had this notion that once I have the knowledge to master mesh creation and surface manipulation I could probably design anything I set my mind to or when creativity juices starts flowing

«Since 2011 I started designing some unique looking objects derived from math surfaces which I created with the help of over 25 3D tools, most of them are open source, and I continue doing so since then.»

Created for Dice collectors and Gamers world wide. This dice is 3D printed in brass and then gold plated.

«I get emails and comments almost on a daily basis from surfers, students and designers alike how my designs have inspired them or how they enjoy 3D printing them and that’s very gratifying.»

How would you describe your style?

Asher: «It’s no secret I’m a big admirer of Bathsheba Grossman‘s work.
I first noticed her designs on that Dutch startup website. Her math work is an inspiration.»

« As for style I can’t say I gave it much thought. I design with a work-flow and techniques that I’ve developed over time with emphasis on 3D Printing.
I can quote you “Dizingof’s creations are typically complex, flowing and invariably beautiful.” That says it all, I think.»

3D Printed in Stainless Steel: Non Singular Knot

You post a lot of free designs on Is that a statement?
Asher: «It’s more like an agenda. Back in early 2012 I wrote on my thingiverse account: ‘My aim is to raise the bar of the free content for your personal 3D Printer’.
I have seen the available free designs and in my humble opinion the personal 3D printing revolution needed more then a Yoda. So I’ve published -so far- over 160 free designs. According to thingiverse dashboard almost all of them were 3D printed by makers from all over the world with over 27.000 downloads in total.  Amazing.»

Was it easy to start off in the beginning?
Asher: «I have to say I was lucky, at that time Google Sketchup 6 or 7 was out, it was my first entry level 3d software that made it very easy and intuitive for me to learn what designing in 3D is all about. Then I gradually increased my 3D tools to over 25 and I juggle my designs between them till it’s finalised for 3D Printing.»

«I think ‘getting my name out’  just happened by itself within the 3d printing community over, flickr, twitter, etc.. – each time someone 3D prints one of my  designs it gets an amazing response over social networks.»

« It got to a point where just recently I was asked to write a book about my Math Art with a potential of 5 figures down-payment check.
A great opportunity no doubt, but that will more time.»

When did you start printing your collection in 3D?
Asher: «The minute I finished my first ever design I sent it immediately to be 3d printed.
2 weeks later I was holding it in my hand.  It was so exciting.»

Did it change your view on designing?
Asher: «Absolutely. It’s one thing to design on a PC and then holding that design in your hand.
The excitement never gets old. I imagine every designer gets that same experience when going 3D Printing.»

If you had the freedom of designing anything you want, what would it be?
Asher: «An E-ink desktop 3D printer.»

What materials do you like the most and why?
Asher: «Stainless steel & bronze. Beautiful, strong & long lasting.»

How do you see your future?
Asher: «I’m looking forward to designing and exploring more of this medium.
Perhaps even contribute in other forms. Time will tell.»

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