Check out our foodsafe material ceramics!

We’re so happy we introduced ceramics last summer. This material has got so many great uses since it’s foodsafe and heath resistant. Get inspired by the advices from our team!

We’ve seen so many great ceramic designs passing by the last few months and it became very clear: ceramics isn’t only useful for homeware. People like to experiment with it on other levels like jewelry and accessories. Sofie, one of our support engineers: ” Of course we’ve seen a lot of cups and vases being printed, but we’ve also seen pieces of necklaces, pendants and small figurines. It’s great to see people thinking out of the box and play with colors (we’re offering 9 for the moment) when it comes to ceramics.”

'Muddler of Cherry Blossoms': Chie Suzuki, a student of the university of Tokyo, scanned real cherry blossoms and modified it on 3-matic.

'Muddler of Cherry Blossoms' by Chie Suzuki

Okay, it’s a great material and it gives so many design opportunities, but of course you’ll need to follow some design instructions. Our product designer Bert made some samples to test the material during the summer and likes to share some design advice with you. “Franky and I recently updated the design guide for ceramics to help the people design. For ceramics it’s very important to know that when your creating a design, you can’t have sharp edges. Otherwise you won’t have an even application of the glaze. It’s better to apply a fillet with a minimum radius of 2.0 mm to sharp corners.”

Fawn Ankle Vase by Printopi

“In order to do the glazing parts you need to have an obvious base. Your design will have to stand or rest inside of the firing oven to become strong and get a glaze applied. This will result in an area without glazing.” To get all the instructions, you can read the design guides here.

Ellipse Vase by Jason Goodman: You can't see the uncolored base.

Because we’re so happy with the results, we’re launching a ceramics challenge today. Read all the details, it’s a perfect opportunity to experiment with the material.

Don’t have time for a challenge? That’s ok. Our prices are still only $0.18/cm² (based on the surface area of your model). So don’t hesitate to print it!