Make Money with 3D Modeling: Introducing Our New 3D Modeling Service

As 3D printing expands and becomes mainstream, an increasing number of people wants to use 3D printable objects. With our new 3D modeling service you can help those people to get their 3D files and earn money as a 3D modeler.

Before reviewing the process to becoming a 3D modeler, let’s look at an example of how this works: the images below show how Frederik Bussels, one of our 3D modeling service providers, turned the sketches of shoe design student Katrien Herdewyn (left) into a great 3D printable model (right).

Successful cooperation: Shoe design by Katrien Herdewyn (left) and printable 3D model by Frederik Bussels (right)

Successful cooperation: Shoe design by Katrien Herdewyn (left) and printable 3D model by Frederik Bussels (right)

The 3D model was then sent to us, and our 3D printers did the rest of the work. Katrien and Frederik met via our 3D modeling service: an online platform for those who know how to create models in 3D, as well as those who search for others to turn their sketches and ideas into 3D files.

The result: 3D printed shoes by Katrien Herdewyn

The result: 3D printed shoes by Katrien Herdewyn

How you can become a 3D modeler:

Do you want to offer your 3D design services as well? Here is how it works: visit our new 3D modeling service and click on “Offer Your Design Skills”. Simply apply by filling out all the fields. We’ll look over your application and, if you qualify, will add you to our list of skilled 3D modeling providers.

How to create a strong 3D modeler profile:

When applying to become a 3D modeler, you should put some thought into your profile. Make sure to provide as much information as possible and make your profile appealing for potential customers. Here are some tips and tricks for how to do so:

  • Include promotional and precise information in the “About You” section: Explain what your strengths are, how much experience you have, who you have already worked with, and what kind of objects you usually design. This field is really important, since it is the place where your future customer gets to know you.
  • Provide examples: A picture is worth a thousand words. Upload several relevant images that represent your work and style. Future customers want to see what they can expect from working with you. Therefore, try to add as many relevant images as possible.
  • Upload a profile picture: A profile picture makes your profile more personal. To upload a profile picture, go to your profile page, click on “Public Profile” and upload an image. When logged in, the URL of this page appears as:
  • Choose a Strong Description: While the “About You” section will appear when someone visits your 3D modeler profile, the “Description” field will be included in the general list of all designers (see image below). With this in mind, make sure to make it short and precise.
The list of our first designers on our 3D modeling service: Names (left) and description (right).

The list of our first designers on our 3D modeling service: Names (left) and description (right).

What to keep in mind to make clients find you:

  • Customers do not necessarily know the 3D modeling software that you are using; therefore, try to explain what you can offer using clear and simple terminology and sentences. Also, try to add examples.
  • Based on this first point, we also let customers search 3D modelers by product categories. These include groups such as character design, art, architectural design, furniture design, product design, fashion, jewelry design, engineering, etc.
  • While the main language of our service is English, some clients might feel more comfortable communicating in their native language. This is why we let them refine the list of designers for languages as well.
  • We are primarily looking for designers who can make models suitable for 3D printing, since customers in need of assistance will be expecting a file that is ready for 3D printing.

Ready to start making money with your 3D modeling skills? Apply to become part of our 3D modeling service now. You can also make some money by opening your own shop on i.materialise and start selling your creations. To learn more about this option, read our blog post about how to make money by selling 3D printed products.