Let your steel get a taste of Gold

A look at unpolished gold plated stainless steel

Today we are introducing a new finishing process for your stainless steel designs: Gold Plated Stainless Steel. This is a finishing procedure where we take your stainless steel model and dip it in a gold bath giving it that gold plated look. We can offer your model in a polished or unpolished gold plating. The big difference here is that your polished pieces will feel smoother and look shinier whereas the unpolished ones will have that natural gold plating feel to it.

The model that you see here was made in Tinkercad by one of their community members called Whystler.

A close-up of unpolished gold plated stainless steel

So… what’s it going to cost me to add some gold to my stainless steel? The answer is 6,00US$ whether its with a polished or unpolished finish (please note that this is on top of your cost for the stainless steel model).

A look at the polished gold plated stainless steel...

...and its shiny features.

The above model was designed by Tommy Rombouts (www.tommytones.com)

Okay… so I like the way it looks, but what I would also like the know how it feels in my hand? For this we’ve also made sample kits available in both finishes. A single sample can be purchased for 12 euros each. You can get them from here. Just remember that the gold layer does eventually start to rub off when its constantly coming in touch with other surfaces. More information on this new offer can be found at our Stainless Steel material page.

So there you have it ladies and gents… if you like the look of gold but don’t want to spend big, this is the perfect solution for you. On the other hand we also offer 3D printing in gold which has a bigger price tag, but will also provide you with higher detail and of course… the real thing!

Whichever budget you have at your disposal, we have a solution for you.