Jewelry design workshop: too many applicants – great fun – wonderful results

Last June, we posted an invitation to participate in a special contemporary jewelry design workshop with Karen Wuytens, lecturer in Jewelry Design, and famous hat designer Elvis Pompilio The workshop took place in early September at the .MGX flagship store in Brussels.

Unfortunately, we had to limit the amount of participants to 10, meaning that many applicants were unable to join in on the fun. However, the lucky 10 participants were not complaining about the cozy atmosphere as they spent 2 days at the .MGX flagship store, where they received an intro to 3D printing from i.materialise. Karen Wuytens shared how to design a piece of jewelry, starting from a basic shape. Fabien Franzen taught the participants how to make their design in the software MOI3, which is very well suited to jewelry design. And finally, Elvis Pompilio was on hand to impart some expert design advice.

An impression of the people working hard these 2 days

One week later, the lucky 10 visited Materialise’s headquarters in Leuven. What’s more, as we have some more space in these buildings, we invited the people who had not been able to join us in Brussels to come to Leuven and gain some insight. While here, they were able to see how 3D printers actually work, see the large range of available materials, and most importantly, saw their own designs being brought to life especially for them. It was incredible to see the reactions to their designs. Everybody was so excited.

Due to the success of this first workshop, we are considering to plan some more. If you have something in mind that you would like to learn how to design, let us know. Maybe it will be your interest at the center of our next workshop!

An impression of the visit at Materialise