Inside the .MGX Flagship Store: the world”s first shop for 3D printed goods

As you probably already know .MGX opened the world”s first physical store for 3D printed goods only weeks ago. They”ve just redone the entire interior for this season. We think it is beautiful and would like to congratulate our colleagues at .MGX on their sucessful store for 3D prints. We would also like to show you the first images of the new interior. Besides featuring the work of many other noted designers this season the .MGX showroom has a special focus on the work of designer Peter Jansen.

In the window above you can see the Tulip.MGX lamps at the bottom by Peter Jansen. These lamps are designed with mathematical formulas used in Chaos theory. The large lamp hanging from the ceiling is one of the Minishakes.MGX family by Arik Levy. The Minishakes work is based on an earlier work titled Handshake that currently resides in the Centre Pompidou.

The sculpture in the centre is titled Runner by Peter Jansen. This is the only work in the showroom that is not currently in the .MGX collection. Runner was inspired by the Matrix movies & by human motion. Note the size of this 3D printed optical illusion by comparing it to our colleague Isabel. 

The chandelier above is the fractal inspired Julia.MGX also by Peter Jansen.

The three lamps to your right are the Detail.MGX by Dan Yeffet. The lamps are based on Mr. Yeffet”s own fingerprints blown up to create a pattern for the lamp that symbolizes his loss of privacy. 


The two idential lamps on your left are both the Krizant.MGX by Michaella Janse van Vuuren the founder of Nomli. To your right you can see a Cadence.MGX by One & Co. “It is a theme of transformation, from solid to liquid, both esthetically and physically, and it is an idea once thought to be impossible to produce in a single material.” The pendant on the bust is Shaman.MGX by Arik Levy,  “a vessel where one can place small physical, emotional and spiritual mementoes, and can be carried, like a micro-universe, around the neck.”

The lamp to your left is a Cadence.MGX. The orange colored lamp is the Dragonfly.MGX, by WertelOberfell Platform. It “draws its inspiration from the curved honeycomb structure of insect eyes and their three dimensional array of light emitting cells.”

Behind this lamp is the Omni.MGX by Assa Ashuach. The Omni was a Reddot design winner in 2007.  

To the right of this lamp is the Quin.MGX by 3D printing pioneer Bathsheba Grossman.

On the far right of this lamp is the beautiful Flame.MGX also by Bathsheba.

At the bottom you can see another Tulip.MGX and a Torus.MGX by Jiri Evenhuis and Bathsheba.

The .MGX store is located in Brussels in the Sablon District. Rue Joseph Stevensstraat 31 – 1000 Brussels, Belgium. The store is closed on Mondays. .MGX also works with a number of excellent galleries round the world. You can find them here.