SketchUp 3D Printing Plugin

Holding a 3D scale model of a design you have spent many hours on creates a special feeling. A real life scale model tells you much more than a digital file. Today we make it possible for you to build 3D scale models in an easy way and with a high level of detail. Models are a nice way to better visualize houses, interiors, buildings or environments. 

We are now proud to present our Google SketchUp plugin, which will guide you through creating a scale model and preparing it for 3D printing in 4 simple steps.
Our plugin provides you with simple tools to position and scale your models. You can apply textures and colors as you like as well as have 3D printable models such as cars, trees or other items readily available from within the plugin.
The plugin is ideal if you are an architect, if you want to visualize your (future) house or interior, or if you just want to have fun with 3D modeling.
Once you are happy with your scale model, you can build it on a Z Corporation 3D printer, at a fixed and affordable price. Take a look at some of the projects that we have already produced:
Sounds like fun? Try it out!