Hilko Guitars: Traditional Craftsmanship Meets 3D Printing

Are you passionate about guitars? Would you like to have one that is unique in the world, fully customized according to your own desires? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Hilko Guitars individually handcrafts the guitar of your wildest dreams and mixes it up with 3D printing.

Hilko Nackaerts has been building guitars for a variety of internationally renowned artists like Simple Minds, K’s Choice and Triggerfinger, after establishing Hilko Guitars 10 years ago on top of his life-long passion, as well as his knowledge from extensive tours. Every guitar he makes is uniquely handcrafted and he “gives them a soul”.

“As a luthier 3D printing is a great help. I use i.materialise to print my headstock logos, custom made control knobs, pickup rings or replicas of hard to find vintage guitar parts”, says Hilko Nackaerts, Master Luthier Belgium. “The i.materialise staff is very kind and always helps me come up with the best solution. Our clients are thrilled with the results. Ruben Block from Triggerfinger was very pleased with the custom made sterling silver headstock logo for his Hollowbody HC guitar.”

Look at the guitar below to see what we mean, and notice the headstock logo:

Ruben Block’s guitar by Hilko

Ruben Block’s guitar by Hilko

Watch and listen to the guitar in action: