Google SketchUp 3D printed lamp Design Challenge winners announced!

The results for our Google SketchUp 3D printed lamp Design Challenge are in. This is our most successful Design Challenge so far with 55 entries. What’s more the entries were of a very high level and represented very different interpretations of what a lamp is and what it could be. Most lamps were very well engineered and would actually work well as 3D printed lamps. Most importantly, we’ve seen some very beautiful designs. Within the i.materialise team there were very different ideas and Sandra and the team at Sketchup had their say too. I’ve personally never found it this hard to judge a contest before. The voting and discussions made for a very close judging. We think that all the entrants can rightfully be proud of themselves because of the high value of their work. We hope that they enjoyed designing an entire product for this challenge and would like to invite everyone back for our next Challenge.

Please look at the gallery here where you can see all the entrants.

The top 3 finalists are:

In third place. HD Studio Lamp by Zach Hines & Oliver Dibrova.

This elegant lamp was “developed using a minimal surface tiling algorithm. Once a module was created, the geometry was tiled radially 10 times and resulted in this final formation.” The structure is very curved while the lamps seem to simultaneously be whole and made up of distinct parts.

In second place: Parasite by Paradox.

The combination of a ribbed lamp chassis and the organically shaped spores colonizing it leaves us with a very different design than most design objects. If you peer into the chassis itself you can see that it is secretly much more complex than you would initially imagine. This design inspired real passion in the discussions and we loved the fact that it really looked as if the lamp were being colonized.

In first place, the 3D Maze by Corre.

A maze that fuses and dissipates the light. The light slipping through its paths and the material. This was really a very high quality thing and several people wanted one in their living room. It’s an atypical 3D printed design object because it is so angular. The places accentuate it and it gives a lovely effect to the design.

Special Jury Award.

Amazelight by Oscar Rottink. We’re giving this special Jury Award to the Amazelight. The Amazlight has a maze game adorning each of its faces. At first it seems strange giving a Jury Award to another maze. But, whereas the other maze elevates the 3D printing material this one is playful with it. It’s a lamp that you can entertain yourself with and is very pretty in its lines. What’s more the lamp should cast interesting shadows and these could be variable depending on where you were in the game.

Congratulations to our four winners! Corre, we hope that you enjoy your Google SketchUp Pro 8 License and for all of you we hope you love the 3D printed lamps we will be giving you. Thank you so much to all the participants your work was really inspirational to us! Thank you also to the Sketchup team at Google for judging and their prize!

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