Get your Xbox Avatar 3D printed on FigurePrints

Figure Prints has been letting World of Warcraft afficionados 3D print their WOW avatars since 2007. The company is now looking beyond the hardcore gamer and is letting anyone 3D print their Xbox Live Avatar.

Just enter your gamertag and up pops your avatar. You can then choose to pose your Avatar and order a 3D print of the mini-you for $49.95 excluding shipping. The resulting avatar will be around 5 inches in height and will arrive within a month. The Avatars are 3D printed in Zcorp and so will be in color. Acording to FigurePrints CEO Ed Fries, “We decided to print Xbox Live Avatars because there are more than 30 million members of the Xbox Live service and Microsoft believed in what we do and worked closely with us to make sure the launch was successful.”  This is a fun 3D printed product for a wide market and we hope Figureprints puts a lot of these on your desks!