Featured Friday: Showing your 3D printed designs!

Happy Friday everyone! Check out our latest entries.

Andreas Damhofer designed a framed painting-like sculpture in natural white polyamide.

Jason Goodman designed a vase in gloss black ceramics, but you can 3D print it in 8 other colors as well. Goodman: “the vase consists of eight perfect ellipses that form an open basketwork. Fill with fresh flowers (if you put a small glass container inside), art supplies or kitchen tools.”

Last but not least Prevue Medical 3D printed multicolor. This model shows the correlation between resting-state BOLD MRI time courses in one hemisphere of the human brain. Areas that are brighter red are more highly correlated with activity in the rest of the brain. Areas in blue tend to have more local and less global connectivity. Colors are visible inside folds and undercuts as well, giving a hint of just how complex the brain’s structure really is.
Have a nice weekend!