Featured Friday: Showing your 3D Printed designs

The weekend has almost landed! That means it’s ‘Featured Friday’ again, giving you some of the 3D printed highlights of the week.

Guido Mandorf from Tramspotters blew us away this week with some amazing painted prime gray models. Without any doubt, this material is becoming the number 1 choice for model trains/trams/…

Chassis Rheinbahn 954 by Guido Mandorf

Chassis Wien T1 by Guido Mandorf

Luke Milkovic turned the flag of the Kingdom of Croatia in a beautiful (sandblasted) sterling silver ring.

Croation grb ring by Luke Milkovic

Ornamart took or newest metal, high detailed stainless steel, to the test and printed some custom made needle knit knobs.

Needle knit knob by Ornamart

And finally, Xerocraft made a 3D scan of a clay sculpture and went for bronze.


Bronze statue by Xerocraft

That’s all for this week. Don’t forget to share your printed models in the ‘Unbox it!‘ section of the forum or add them to the gallery. Have a great weekend!