FabLab visits i.materialise

Last week we had the honor of receiving some lovely members from Belgian and Dutch FabLabs. They came with their beautifully creative minds to get a glimpse of i.materialise and the facilities we have at our disposal while sharing grand ideas and concepts for the future.

FabLabs (short for Fabrication Laboratories) are a wonderful establishment around the world where creative minds can come together to try out new ideas and fabricate new things. This is also why you’ll find the use of 3D printing commonplace amongst the FabLabs. As we all know by now, not all 3D printers can be stored at a FabLab as it would need a tremendous space and a huge staff to keep it all running. This is where 3D printing services like i.materialise come in.

So to get a better understanding of i.materialise, we decided to give them an introductory presentation and a guided tour of the Materialise facilities where our guests got to meet our different 3D printers. Afterwards we shared some interesting ideas and concepts while discussing all things 3D printing.

As usual, we’ll continue to support the wonderful FabLab community as it constantly encourages creativity, innovation and cooperation. These are some values that we at i.materialise can definitely dance to.

Would you also like to find out more about i.materialise? Do you too want to see what’s behind the curtains of our 3D printing service? Then now is your chance! We’re holding a Summer meetup on Wednesday June 27th from 15:00 till 18:00. You’ll get a presentation with the latest 3D prints that were made, a guided tour of our facilities where you’ll get to meet our 70 3D printers and afterwards some nice social moments with free drinks and snacks. Sounds interesting? Register Now on our Facebook page.