Eric van Straaten exhibition

i.materialise Community Member Eric van Straaten is part of a joint exhibition called Zilverlingen in Haarlem the Netherlands. Eric”s 3D printed work will be displayed until the 10th of December in the  “provinciehuis” in Haarlem.

Eric van Straaten Glaucoma

One of Eric”s works on display is pictured here and called Glaucoma. It is 3D printed with Zcorp and depicts Glaucus, a merman. The statue was inspired by the Greek myth whereby Glaucus, a fisherman, was transformed into a merman. He ate a magical herb that brought fish back to life and this transformed him. The unquenchable thirst it gave him caused him to have to live in the sea. Quite the reversal of fortune for our fisherman. He does go on to become a minor underwater god and fall in love with a beautiful nymph. The nymph then runs away because she feels more than a little stalked. He goes to another nymph called Circe to help him. Sadly, Circe falls in love with Glaucus and turns the rival nymph into a six headed sea monster. This monster is called Scylla she goes on to terrorize shipping  and eat a few of Odysseus”s men. Circe on the other hand very nearly turns Odysseus into a pig. Glaucus lives on as the name of a very funky looking sea creature. But, even the fantastic stories of the Greeks: vicious, grounded in human frailty and with some unpredictable gods thrown in can come alive using 3D printing.

You can check out more of Eric”s work on his website.