Join our bookend design challenge

Hey everyone,

I am happy to announce our new challenge for everyone who enjoys design. We have already conducted a similar challenge with Blender community and are now thrilled to announce a bookend challenge hosted on our website. In this challenge we are asking you to design your own bookend.

The 3 winners will get their designs 3D printed and delivered to them free of charge. Our team will prepare the baseplates of a bookend and will do all the technical preparation for production, as a result the winners will receive a complete set of bookends. So how does one sign up? Here are the basic rules:

  1. Design a bookend using your 3D software  of choice
  2. Go to and register
  3. Submit your design to the challenge

Please visit the challenge page for detailed description. The submission stage opens today May 15th, and will run for three weeks until June 5th. The winners will be selected by our team and announced on our blog after June 5th.

Best of luck to everyone and we are looking forward to seeing your designs.

i.materialise team