Bookends winners 3D printed

About a month ago, we announced the winners of our bookend design challenge.  We loved seeing so many great designs developed in a variety of 3D software packages like ZBrush and Rhino. The winning entries have meanwhile been 3D printed and are ready to be sent out. 

We produced the bookends with our ZPrinter® 650, Z Corp’s number one color 3D printer. As always, the 3D printed models come with black steel base plates so the bookends are fully functional. The winners will receive their package shortly via mail. Let us know what you think, we”d  love to hear from you! 

Here are the winning entries:


The Bookend Worm:
The Lettereater:
And the Marbel Coaster:
More pictures can be found in our Facebook album.
Don’t forget to check out our ‘Create your own bookends’ page, to see how to design and how to order something similar. We look forward to hosting more design challenges in the future, so stay tuned for more news from us on Twitter and Facebook
The i.materialise team