Announcing the Metal Accessories Challenge

A new Design Challenge in Stainless Steel

As was promised at the beginning of the month, we proudly introduce our second design challenge centered around metals. This time the weapon of choice is stainless steel and the theme is revolved around creating an accessory that makes your life easier. The challenge will be running from today (Friday the 15th of June) until the end of July (Tuesday 31st). So what are the typical kind of accessories that you could design or redesign in stainless steel? Below are some examples to get your brain stimulated…

Just some basic metallic accessories you could design or redesign

Of course there are other accessories as well, but this should give you a quick idea or reference to start with. So… the next obvious question would be “What’s the size we’re allowed to design in?” The answer to that question is: Anything that fits within a bounding box of 250cm3. So for example a bounding box of 10x5x5cm would be just fine. Your design has to be a functional piece and cannot be very elongated like 20x10x1cm. It’s best to stay around the measurements of the above mentioned bounding box.

So, now that you know the basics… head out to the challenge page for the juicy details of this design challenge. You can also consult the stainless steel design guide to help you on your way and have a look at what our designers have come up with in this lovely material right here.

Best of luck to all participants!