A 3D printed SUPERhero just entered our doors

What do  you do to surprise one of your friends who just got a new job? That’s right. You 3D print something!

That’s exactly what Nils Faber did to congratulate one of his collegues: “I used the open source tool Makehuman.org to make this superhero called The Mammothman’, it refers to my colleague who worked with the Mammoth machines at Materialise.”

“To make sure the doll wouldn’t fall over I incorporated the feet with a part of a floor lamp.” Although he made a customized 3D printed doll, that wasn’t enough for Nils: “The doll still needed some clothes -customized, of course- and I wrapped it in a personalized box to finish it off.”

Nils Faber: working on the files.

And here he is! The one and only...Mammoth Man!

Incorporated Feet in a lamp stand.

Holes in the feet to attach it to the lamp stand.


Packed in a very nice personalized box.

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