A 3D-Printed Smoke Dress For Volkswagen: You Have To See It To Believe It

Dutch fashion-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht, with the support of architect Niccolo Casas, has teamed up with our parent company Materialise in the creation of an innovative, interactive 3D-printed ‘Smoke Dress’ as part of a special eight-piece fashion collection for Volkswagen.

The ‘Smoke Dress’ is amazing. Every time someone steps into the personal space of the wearer, this incredible interactive piece automatically creates a veil of smoke.

The dress is made out of polyamide and rubber-like material, the first fully flexible 3D printing material, and was produced by our parent company Materialise to both provide support to the embedded sensors and smoke system, as well as have the look and feel of an ultra-futuristic fabric. Anouk Wipprecht: “With interactive designs, the intimate space around the wearer is not that often explored, and with projects like the 3D-printed Smoke Dress, I like to create a new kind of dialogue — between our bodies and our surroundings.”

It’s one of the many projects Materialise brought to life and another great example of how our (parent) company pushes the technology forward, resulting in a ‘Visionary‘ Award for i.materialise and Materialise’s CEO Fried Vancraen.