3D Printed Wallets: Creating Minimal, Discreet, and Practical Products with 3D Printing

British startup Vanacci creates wallets like no other: with modern laser-sintering 3D printers they create sleek, minimal-looking wallets and men’s accessories. They just launched their successful Kickstarter campaign for the most discreet 3D printed wallet ever.

In November last year, James Whitfield and his small team – consisting of Sean and Ryan – started a men’s accessories brand, “Vanacci”. And they have been rapidly growing ever since. Vanacci is a design startup based in Bingley, Yorkshire, producing wallets, cardholders and watches with a focus on minimalism, functionality and unique style. Now they’ve launched their newest products: the Nighthawk and the Spirit, sleek, laser-sintered, 3D printed cardholders.

Having worked as a product design consultant before, James had experience with working on all kinds of products across a number of different markets and brands such as Disney and Unilever. Around a year ago, he left that life and now runs Vanacci full-time. Day to day, he runs the company, develops new products and ideas whilst managing the purchasing process and building relationships with suppliers.

He loves the challenge of design, looking at the problems that come up when he first thinks of something and then working through them. His aim when he starts designing something is to think about how an object can help the end-user and perhaps bring some joy to a moment of their life. For James, that keeps the design process fun and fresh every time he works through it.

a wallet from a 3D printer

The 3D printed wallet ‘Nighthawk’

The startup’s brand-new range of laser sintered one-piece card cases made of Polyamide were inspired by stealth aviation, and are designed with a striking individual look. The two designs are built around a simple pop-up mechanism for fast access to your cards.

3d design of a wallet cardholder

The 3D printed wallet ‘Nighthawk’

Asked why he started his own brand, James replied: “I wanted the freedom to design, develop and promote my own ideas and products, without the constraints of big briefs and committees. A 9-to-5 job wasn’t going to offer that and my ideas would never come to fruition if I didn’t take the leap and start Vanacci.”

3d printed cardholder and wallet

The 3D printed wallet ‘Spirit’

The startup’s plan for Vanacci is to stand out from traditional businesses by putting design at the forefront of what they do. Their dream is to grow into a distinctive brand for men’s accessories. For achieving this, the group is ready to develop products that are created with new technologies, such as 3D printing with i.materialise.

“The concept for our most recent designs was for a fully 3D printed product. From the outset, this gave [us] so much freedom to work in mechanical features and styling touches that would just be impossible to produce in any other way. 3D printing has allowed us to produce a product that could never have existed any other way.”

laser sintered wallet

The 3D printed wallet ‘Spirit’

James is proud about what his brand already has achieved for far: “It was exciting and also a very steep learning curve. There are a lot of things where we have had to just learn the hard way. Combined with plenty of late nights and working through weekends, it hasn’t been easy but the reward of seeing everything around you that you have made is definitely worth it.”

Head over to Vanacci’s website and Kickstarter campaign to learn more. If you want to create your own 3D printed product, upload your design here and choose from more than 100 different materials, finishes, and color options. Our online 3D printing service will take good care of your project.